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When sponsoring a foreign employee, there is one particular requirement that can cause problems and delays for sponsorship applications: Whether the position is a genuine position in your business.

This requirement often asks for evidence that the position is genuine and that there is a genuine need for the foreign worker. But when the Department requests such information, they are often unclear or provide no instructions on what that 'evidence' could be.

Therefore at Frontier Migration Services, we provide you with a guide and template on how to properly document and submit the correct evidence to accompany your application.

We also offer the service of a report that is researched and professionally written by us if you would prefer a hassle-free and stress free approach instead. We will work with you to gather the evidence and prepare it in the way that is compliant with the rules and regulations.

Have a chat with us to see if you this option is good for you.

You might also be interested in our Start Up Business Package in DIY Support that includes the Professional Business Plan and instructions on how to become compliant to become a Standard Business Sponsor so that you can start nominating and sponsoring 457 workers.

Try before you buy!

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Only $250
Template and Guide

Only $800
 Researched and written by Frontier


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