Bringing your loved one to Australia or ensuring that they can legally stay in Australia is a very stressful process. Frontier Migration aims to help make that process easier so that you can be reunited with your loved one as soon as possible.

You've fallen in love and you have made plans to be with your special someone for the rest of your life. Everything is right in the world except for one thing: the Australian government is now asking you to prove it. Prove it or your partner doesn't get to come to/stay in Australia.

So how do you prove such a subjective concept as love with objective facts?

How do you pinpoint the exact time and date that you 'fell in love' and that you became 'more than girlfriend/boyfriend'?

You can't can you. Isn't it crazy that someone is now demanding that of you and holding your loved one to ransom.

Well this guide will help you to document your relationship with your loved one and prove to the Department that you are genuinely in love and in an ongoing exclusive relationship.

This guide will prepare you to submit the best possible application you can so that you both can one day call Australia home.

This package consists of a 135+ page guide, including templates, that will:

  • walk you through the process
  • help you fill in the application forms
  • provide you with the necessary templates
  • give you a checklist of all the documents you need
  • how to ensure that you provide the best evidence available
  • how to collect evidence

This guide features:

  • Description of what the section is for and why the Department will be looking at it
  • Instructions on how to fill in the area – what the Department will be looking for
  • Questions to make you think about what you’re writing and to get started with writing
  • Good examples of the section writing
  • Bad examples of the section writing

Note that this package includes checklists for the applicant and the sponsor i.e. for TWO people.

Try before you buy!

Only $60
For 2 people (Applicant and the Sponsor applications)

After purchase you will be sent the link to download your product. This link is coded to you individually and cannot be shared. It is very important that you use the correct email address.


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