Prospective marriage visas

Prospective marriage visas are known as 'fiancee visas' where you are allowed to enter Australia with the intention of marrying your Australian citizen partner.

What type of visa?

Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) – temporary

Following that you can apply for a permanent visa.

What can you do with this visa?

Allows you to enter Australia and marry your intended fiancé or fiancée.

This visa is valid for 9 months

You can:

  • Enter Australia before marrying your fiancé/fiancée
  • Travel in and out of Australia within the visa validity period
  • Certain circumstances may be eligible for Medicare
  • Apply for permanent residency partner visa after marrying your fiancé/fiancée
  • Work
  • Study

The application process

You must be outside of Australia at time of application and grant.

Once granted, a fiancé visa is valid for 9 months, in which you will be allowed entry into Australia to marry your sponsor. You will have full work and study rights for the duration of the fiancé visa.

Once married, you may then apply for a partner visa.

General requirements for prospective marriage visa include:

  • Sponsor
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship
  • Health requirements
  • Character requirements
  • Have no debts in Australia

Please see Partner Migration for further information about applying for permanent residency after you have married your fiancé/fiancée.


Full case management and representation by Frontier Migration Services: $5,500.

Please have a look at the DIY support options or consider a consultation using the Unbundled Services to see if this is the best visa option for you.

Who is this visa for?

Prospective Marriage visas are visas that grant temporary entry for people who wish to enter Australia with the intention of marrying an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. These are sometimes known as fiancé or fiancée visas.

These visas can only be applied and granted to applicants who are outside of Australia.

Visa conditions

  • You must not have married your sponsor before you enter Australia on this visa
  • You must marry your sponsor whilst your visa is still valid
  • You must enter australia by the specified entry date
  • Before this visa expires, lodge an application for a Partner visa in Australia to apply to remain permanently in Australia.
  • Immediately notify the office handling your application if you change address or your circumstances change.

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