8 reasons why Australia is an awesome place to live, work and travel

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1. We speak English! You speak English! Let's speak English together!

Ok admittedly this is a bit of a language barrier for most countries, however if you're a professional and have some working experience, then you would have encountered English as the business language.

We're easy to understand and speak slowly. We're also patient when others are having difficulty with the language.

We may use strange slang words such as 'Barbie', 'Fair dinkum' and 'no wukkas' - but on the large we make perfect sense.


melbourne night

2. Modern city

All the technology and modern conveniences you may be used to at home are here!

Want a 7/11 Maccas, KFC, Burger King? We got it.

Want clothes from the global brand? We got it.

Our shops are open on the weekends and sometimes we even have 24hour trading. Some Woolies and Coles (grocery stores) open till midnight.

We're also very similar to US, Canada, the UK and most western countries so whatever you're used to at home we probably have in some form of another. However that is not to say that we're not culturally diverse.

You will still run into lost in translation moments but we're definitely open minded enough to laugh with you about it over a beer at the pub because we're just that awesome.




3. Cultural Diversity

Australia was built on the backbones of immigrants and we'll never forget that. In all the major capital cities you will see the wonderful melting pot that multiculturalism brings.

In any one street you can find people from all different backgrounds. With our close proximity to Asia we have adopted so many customs and integrated so many aspects of Asian culture that you'll not find a more authentic experience outside of Asia.

We're also a country where the biggest groups of migrants are still from the UK and Ireland. We're even home to our lovely neighbours the Kiwis.

None of this is more evident than in the food and cuisines that you can find in our capital cities. There are little pockets of suburbs and streets that can transport you to another destination. Walk down a street and you can find yourself with the biggest dilemma of that day: what should I eat? Ethiopian? Mexican? Thai? Indonesian? Italian? Spanish? Peruvian? Mongolian?

The list goes on and on and on.



4. Natural beauty and landscape

Not only do we work hard, we play hard! And where better than Australia, the world's largest outdoor playground!

We have such a diversity of landscape that you wouldn't believe.

Most people think that we're famous only for our beaches but have you seen our rainforests? How about the fiery red centre? Or our gorgeous West Coast? And the pièce de résistance: the Great Barrier Reef.

When people think Australia, they think spiders, snakes and crocodiles but how about our one of kind, unique to the continent monotremes and marsupials? Adorable koalas, fiesty kangaroos, huggable wombats and the just left of centre platypus.

We love to just pack up the car and go camping for the weekend - something that I'm sure we have in common with many Europeans. And in Australia you can go camping in the most serene and beautiful spots without encountering another human being. Just you and mother nature. That is the beauty of Australia.



5. Better job opportunities

Unemployment in Australia is low compared to the other Western countries coming out of the global financial crisis. In fact we have a skills shortage and we need workers.

Compare this with many European countries or the US. Many graduates can't find jobs because of the ever shrinking job market. And let's not talk about the graduate employment rates of Spain, Italy and Greece.

If Europe and the US can't pay for highly skilled workers, we will!

Since we're a country of immigrants anyway, we have no issues with hiring foreign workers. If you can do the work and got the skills, the job is yours.



6. Better pay

Riding the wave of mining boom, our wages have really taken a hike and even the smallest simplest jobs can command a double digit hourly wage.

Many people in Australia earn more in one week than most monthly wages overseas. We're not even talking about the highest paid executive jobs.

You can earn quite a fair bit of money in retail, hospitality and blue collar jobs. You may end up earning more money than the traditional white collar jobs.


work life

7. Work life balance and better work environment

Australians are laid back people but by no means do we slack off when it comes to work. We understand how to work hard and play hard. We're efficient with our time so that we can go out and enjoy the best that our cities have to offer.

When your boss says you will work a 9-5 job, you will literally work the hours from 9-5. You only stay back because you want to put in the extra effort.

Some places are even more flexible with their staff and make arrangements to shift hours here and there. Maybe you are a surfer and you want to hit the waves in the morning before dawn, you can make arrangements with your boss to come into work later. Or conversely, you want to enjoy the afternoon sun at the beach, so you arrange with your boss to come in earlier to finish earlier.

Australia is a very progressive place when it comes to working conditions so you will find that we have a better work life balance and a better work environment overall.



8. Climate

Growing up I didn't know seasons. We had warm and we had hot. Anything dipping below 20 degrees was considered a cold day and everyone will be in scarves and big coats.

This still stands true today. Australia has such a temperate and mild weather all year round that you're pretty much guaranteed sunshine..unless you're in Melbourne or Tasmania.

We always say that the Brits got the worse end of the deal when they decided to stay in the UK and send their prisoners to sunny Australia. Now they're coming back in droves to make up what they've lost out on. Why don't you join them and see for yourself?


What are you waiting for? Ask us how today!

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