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A lot of agents end their obligations after they've lodged the application but with Frontier Migration we manage the case from start to finish including any follow up requests from the department. We do not simply send you the department letters and make you deal with it. We explain it, we walk you through it and we tell you which documents you need to provide.

Unlike other traditional legal firms or migration agents, we don't charge for every letter, email or phone call. This is exactly what you will get from us. No hidden fees, no hidden charges, nothing out of scope of the contract.

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You'll also notice that we are honest and upfront about your fees so you'll know from the start what you have to pay.

Please have a look at Visa Options for your visa subclass for an estimate of the fees.

For the most accurate quote for your situation please click 'Request a quote' and answer fully and as detailed as possible.

Business Solutions

Professional strategy for international companies



Frontier Migration Services can assist in:

  • Intra-company transfers
  • Legal Research
  • Volume pricing -  Full case management and representation
  • Company incorporation
  • Auditing of training plans
  • Auditing of compliance to sponsorship obligations - with full report summary and areas of improvement/recommendations
  • Research into complying investments

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Other services

Not what you're after?

If you just need a bit of extra help then have a look at our DIY support options for checklists and templates.

If you need a consultation to get you started then perhaps the Unbundled Services would be more suitable.

For everything else, there's always the form at the end of the page. Please feel free to message us if you have any questions about the services or choosing the best one for yourself.


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