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Introducing: “How To Get An Australian Visa in 90 Days – A Preparation Road Map”

How To Get An Australian Partner Visa in 90 Days - Cover

Our CEO Fiona Chan has done it again. She keeps creating value over and over again for all the potential partner visa applicants out there in the world.

Coming off the success of her main book ‘The Australian Partner Visa Guide’ Fiona noticed that some people were still not ready to start doing their own visa applications. After talking to many of her readers she decided that it was time to write a week-by-week breakdown of how to achieve everything in 90 days.

We at Frontier Migration Services are proud to present the new Kindle ebook called ‘How To Get An Australian Visa in 90 Days’.

This book is a preparation road map that sets out what you need to do in order to collect all the documents you need and submit a complete application. As usual, the new Kindle ebook comes with worksheets to help you organise your application.

We are very excited by Fiona’s initiative to bring more transparency to Australian immigration law and hope that couples from around the world will now be able to do their applications with help.

With partner visa fees increasing as they are, it’s becoming a trend to see couples gamble with their visa application fees by not being able to afford legal advice. This new Kindle ebook and her main book will serve to fill these gaps in knowledge so that couples are not locked out because they can’t afford a migration agent.

The ebook will be available for download on Amazon for free for a limited time. For more details about the book please visit here.

Join us in congratulating her new success and next bestseller!

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