We’re Fighting ‘Tax On Love’ With A New Book On Partner Visas

Partner Visa Guide Australia

Sydney, NSW, AU - Fiona Chan, Australian immigration lawyer for firm Frontier Migration Services, has released a first of its kind tell-all book “Partner Visa Guide” detailing step-by-step how you can do your own partner visas. The book is available on Partner Visa Guide Australia and major online ebook distributors.

After her own journey of applying for her partner to stay in Australia, Fiona realised that not everyone has the means to access an immigration lawyer. This realisation came to a head when her friend was caught out by the 50% increase in visa application fees charged by the Australian Government. In response, Fiona wrote a guide to help her friend navigate the Australian immigration process.

Of when the short guide turned into a book, Fiona said, “I just kept on writing and writing. I started with a few hints and tips, then wrote some case studies and another and another and eventually it snowballed into a 135-page book.”

Combining her personal and extensive professional experience, Fiona has concisely written a book that serves as a companion to anyone going through the Australian partner visa process. Whether you’re applying for the Partner Visa (820/801), Prospective Marriage Visa (300) or Partner (Provisional)(309) and Partner (Migrant)(100) visas, the “Partner Visa Guide”will assist you in filling in your applications, documenting your relationship and writing your statutory declarations. Included are 3 checklists, 2 completed sample applications, 2 templates, 2 examples of good and bad statutory declarations and access to a closed community group where you can ask all the questions you want – privately.

With the almost $7,000 price tag on partner visas, more and more people will not be able to afford legal representation. Coupled with the fact that up to 36% of self-represented visa applications are rejected,the Australian Government is not making it any easier to obtain partner visas.

With changes likely to occur around 1st July 2016, this guide is a timely lifeline for those who can’t afford a lawyer’s assistance. On this potential increase in fees again, Fiona said: “I believe that love shouldn’t cost you everything and certainly should not be held to ransom by the Australian Government.”

Fiona Chan is an Australian qualified lawyer and lead consultant at Frontier Migration Services with an extensive background in the legal sector. Following a career in corporate law and environmental regulation, she followed her passion for travelling and founded her own immigration firm in 2012.

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