Frontier Migration Services partners with Freepackers in France

Frontier is excited to announce a new partnership with Freepackers of France to deliver immigration support to their globe-trotting clientele.

Freepackers is an organisation that assists young people all over Europe to go abroad in internships or work and travel holidays. Freepackers are the one-stop-shop for organising your travel with services ranging from work placements to flights and insurance.

Freepackers sees the partnership as a step in the right direction to adding to their service offerings. "Young people are already using Freepackers services to go abroad so why not add an additional element of sorting out their visas and providing them means and advice of staying in Australia?" said Fiona Chan.

We will be working closely with Freepackers to provide immigration support to their clients and growing the ranks of Australia with young, bright and talented people from Europe.

Please join Frontier in welcoming Freepackers!

Our partner's website can be found here and contacted via email here.


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