Skilled Migration (subclass 189 and 190)

Skilled Migration is a points-based program offering permanent residency to highly skilled professionals of industries that are in need in Australia.

What type of visa?

There are 2 kinds of permanent visas that can result from this program:

  • Skilled independent 189 - Points test
  • Skilled nominated 190 - nominated by State or Territory

Who is this visa for?

You are highly skilled and you wish to come to Australia to either work or live permanently but you do not have a sponsor.

This option is also open to people who are already in Australia temporarily and would like to apply for permanent residency.

The application process

This is a points tested program and follows 3 stages:

  1. Expression of Interest
  2. Invitation to apply
  3. Visa application

Generally this requires all requirements are met and all documents to be ready before submitting an expression of interest.

Occupation ceilings and monthly quotas apply.

As with all types of visas there are health and character requirements.

Family members may also apply on one application.



Full case management and representation by Frontier Migration Services: $2,500-$4,500.

Please have a look at the DIY support options or consider a consultation using the Unbundled Services to see if this is the best visa option for you.

Minimum pass mark is 60 points.

Points are awarded for:

  • Age
  • Proficient or superior English language ability
  • Overseas skilled employment
  • Australian skilled employment
  • Professional year
  • Educational qualifications
  • Australian study
  • Credentialled community language
  • Studying and living in regional Australia
  • Partner skills
  • State/Territory government nomination
  • Designated area sponsorship

Visa Conditions

For skilled nominated or sponsored - regional you must live in the designated area.

Visa Assessment

Get your point score today

With the Bridge Package or our Unbundled services we provide you with a comprehensive visa eligibility assessment that includes:

  • The points you can claim now
  • The points that you can gain
  • How to get those additional points; and
  • The best path to success.


Get detailed advice for each points category

With our Compass Package or the EOI Points Claim report service, you can be on your way to claiming the correct points for your EOI today! Find out more here.

We specialise in finding creative solutions to your migration problems and we want to help you get the maximum amount of points for this type of visa.


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